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lobby the University to create a greater separation between pedestrian and cycle paths

The cycle path going through the University (past B46, 44 and up to the Redbrick) should be creating a separation between pedestrian and cycle routes. These cycle paths take cyclists through very short steep hills which one may struggle to get up, or struggle to stop when going downhill - this is made even more difficult when we're trying not to hit pedestrians who walk on the cycle path.

Submitted on Monday 18th March 2019


Hi there, 

Thank you for your submission. I have contacted the University and they have provided me with the following response:

I’d agree the layout is not perfect and the gradient is an issue, but there isn’t really a solution to this without significant changes to the landscaping and/or surrounding buildings. I have had to defend the cycle route remaining in place as the easy solution would be to make it pedestrian only and expect cyclists to push- I’m in favour of keeping cycle access wherever possible and as this has been a well-used route for many years it would be a shame to lose it.


Going forward, the reopening of Salisbury Road will provide a much wider, flatter route across the campus and there may well be changes to routes elsewhere as the campus develops. Not sure on timescales but I do share the views about gradients and if an opportunity to improve the layout comes about we will certainly do so.


I hope this helps with your query.


Best wishes, 


Isabella Camilleri 

VP Welfare


Thursday 6th Jun 2019 3:18pm


  • Forwarded to Student Life
    Friday 22nd Mar 2019 1:21pm


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