help with desks being taken up in the library

Charlotte Bygrave submitted on

Sunday 19th May 2019


Many other universities have schemes where papers are placed on unoccupied library desks with people’s possessions left on them, stating that 30 minutes after the paper was left, people can feel free to move the belongings. This would be great in Hartley as we all know how annoying it can be when there are so many desks not available but people aren’t there!


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Students' Union replied on

Friday 31st May 2019 10:53am

Hello again!

I'm pleased to say that the Library have responded to your You Make Change with the following: 

We have trialed this in the past but this was difficult for staff to manage and monitor. We stopped it and have not received any feedback from students that there is a problem.  At the same time we  increased the number of bookable desks which has helped students to guarantee study spaces. Thanks for your feedback. We will re-look at this to see if there are alternative ways of managing the desk blocking issue.  

Admittedly we probably won't see a return to the signage system immediately, but I hope this reassures you that this is at least being looked into again. Since there are unlikely to be any further updates for a while I'm going to mark this You Make Change submission as complete, but with the intention of re-opening it should the situation change. Alternatively let me know by email if this continues to be an issue and I'll open this conversation again. 

Thanks for the submission and all the best,

Sam Dedman (SUSU VP Education 2017-19, 

Students' Union replied on

Tuesday 28th May 2019 1:52pm


Thank you for getting in touch! I have also seen this approach being used at other Universities, so will get in touch with our Library to see what we are currently doing on this front. I think we might have trialled something similar in the past, but will find out for sure!

Don't forget that your You Make Change submission is now live on the SUSU website for voting and commenting upon, so please share the link around!

If you have any questions in the meantime please don't hesitate to let me know. 

All the best,

Sam Dedman (SUSU VP Education 2017-19,


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    Tuesday 28th May 2019 1:46pm


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