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add more independent seating/dining areas around campus.

I would like to suggest adding some more benches besides the pond next to B38. It is a lovely place to sit so here especially would be a really nice spot to have some more dedicated seating. Out in front of the physics building is a good place for more seating too.

Campus is also pretty short on areas where you can sit and eat lunch with friends without buying dinner from some of the fascilities on campus. Having more seating areas would be super beneficial when stuck between lectures or appointments or on lunch breaks.

Perhaps it will also provide a place for the people who like to talk in the library without working to meet.

Many Thanks in Advance...


Submitted on Monday 26th August 2019


Hi there,

Apologies for the delay but I come back to you with an update!

With the opening of the Centenary Building, individual study spaces increased by 259 with a further 18 to be added once additional tables have arrived. There is also a catering space within the Centenary building. Planning for the refurbishment of this space is in progress.

In respect to the secondary question as to whether outside study space can be provided, there is existing provision within Avenue, B38 and B44 courtyards, B42 and Gower building retail outlets. If additional space and power is required, further feasibility work would be necessary.

I hope this helps to answer your query but if you would like to discuss the issue further please feel free to email me at

Kind regards,

Emily Harrison,

SUSU President, 2019-20

Thursday 27th Feb 2020 12:16pm

Hi there,

Thank you for your You Make Change submission. 

I have raised this with University Estates and Facilities and will come back to you with an update as soon as possible!

Just to make you aware, you can report any facilities related issues to the University E&F team directly (Link here: This is probably easier as you will get a more immediate response and helps to keep a track of reoccuring issues so they can allocate resources and identify problems better.

Kind regards,

Emily Harrison,

Union President, 2019/20

Friday 25th Oct 2019 3:20pm


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    Friday 30th Aug 2019 1:15pm


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