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Democracy Trials

The Union is currently undergoing a review of its democratic structures, which will involve trialling a range of new systems. How will you determine which trials are the most successful?

Submitted on Saturday 7th November 2015


We have carefully put together a list of measures and criteria so we can fairly and consistently evaluate the effectiveness of each structure we trial. This will involve surveying participants about their experience, as well as conducting our own assessments. 

Below is an example of what we will ask forum participants, which will be reused for each structure we trial:

1.Was the process appropriate for the nature of the question?

2. How significant do you feel the topic discussed was to you and your time as a student here?

3. How likely would you be to partake in student forums on a regular basis?

4. How easy was it to understand?

5. How well do you think the referendum enabled you to have your views represented?

6. How well do you think this process reflected the student body’s opinion?

7. To what extent do you feel your contribution influenced the outcome?

8. Would you have been comfortable if this kind of decision was made without your direct involvement? (e.g. via elected representatives)

9. Do you have any other suggestions about how we should have held this forum?

We will also hold open feedback discussions after forums.

And we will also consider:

-How easy it was

- If students would be happy to engage again

- If students felt it was reflective

-If students felt empowered

-If the student body was well represented

-If an effective decision was reached

-How logistically feasible was it? (e.g. staff time, financial considerations, time scales)

After comparing student feedback and our own assessments of each trial, we will discuss recommendations with the appropriate bodies, such as Democracy Zone and Union Council.

I hope this answers your question!



Vice President Democracy and Creative Industries 

Monday 9th Nov 2015 4:08pm

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