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Vision 2020

Recently, copies of 'Vision 2020' (the Union's strategic vision from 2015 to 2020) have been made publicly available.

1) In what ways were students consulted about the Union's strategic vision for the next 5 years?

2) Has the final document been passed at Trustee Board and will it be brought to Union Council for approval?

3) How many copies of 'Vision 2020' have been printed so far and what has been the cost of this please? Are there plans to print any further copies?

Submitted on Friday 13th November 2015

1) The Chief Exec and my predecessor held dozens of consultations with staff, Sabbaticals and Student Leaders. There was a full briefing of the plan to Student Leaders at their training day in June 2015, where their input was taken and included in the final plan. There was a discussion at Union Council on October 20th 2014. There was an opportunity for the involvement of the general student population too, which was incentivised, but only one student signed up. It is probably also worth noting that this vision does not set out focus priorities each year for the next five years, only the key strategic themes we are focusing on this year, which were selected by the current elected full-time officers (Sabbaticals) at the beginning of their term. Furthermore, it does not mandate anything from the Union, it is a framework of beliefs and ambitions for The Union. The vision is a platform from which all new ideas can be founded, to make sure that our actions are aligned to an ongoing plan for improvement in the Union.

2) The document was viewed and approved by the Trustees before it went to print. Content remained the same, but was reduced slightly to make it more easily fit in a booklet. It has also been mentioned several times at Council, but there has never been a requirement for Council to formally approve the strategy since long term strategic development has always been the remit of the trustee board (Rule 3 2.4(a): SUSU Trustee Board is responsible for … creating and implementing the Union’s Strategy and related plans) - Council’s focus being on policy and Union activity.

3) 500 copies were printed, at a total cost of £1,300. Initially, only 200 were needed but for £100 more we could have an extra 300, so we settled on the bigger number. We decided that printed booklets would have a bigger impact and allow for more substantial distribution among key stakeholders. There are currently no plans to print further copies, but we will make sure that every student leader gets one as well as all Union Staff and our contacts across the road in the University. 

Monday 23rd Nov 2015 10:22am

Question for: Union President