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Make the four microwaves specific for different dietary requirements

The Union added a microwave station due to a past 'you make change' action and it could make a further improvement to this by changing the four microwaves to accomodate for vegan, vegetarian, Halal and non-restriction dietary preferences. This would mean that each group can use the respective mircowave without worry that their food would be contaminated. All it would take is a laminated poster stating which microwave is which. Also, I have never seen the microwaves all in use at once so I do not believe that the this change would cause any queues. This would be a really easy positive change with no risks or downsides. :)

Submitted on Thursday 24th October 2019


Hi Kendall,

Thank you for your You Make Change submission.

I agree with you that this would be a good idea. The problem is, although we could put up signs to say this, there is no way that we could guarantee that this gets adhered to by students. This could also cause some health and saftey problems. For example, if we say a microwave was not used for fish, someone with a fish allery could use it thinking it hasnot been contaminated and have an allergic reaction if someone has used fish in there. For these reasons, I do not think it would be practical for us to implement your suggestion unfortunately.

If you have any further questions, please drop me an email to

Kind regards,

Emily Harrison,

Union President, 2019/20

Friday 25th Oct 2019 3:56pm


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    Friday 25th Oct 2019 1:24pm


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