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Recorded Lectures

Recorded lectures formed a "key" part of your manifesto, and indeed, that of several other people on council. 

Please elaborate on what you and the union are doing in order to make recorded lectures a reality, across the board, at Southampton.

What steps have been taken (with the university and faculty)? What progress has been made? 

Submitted on Tuesday 1st December 2015

I am working really closely with different parts of the University to try and ensure that Recorded Lectures are a reality across the University. This is something I am determined to make progress on this year, but it will be something that takes a long time to be fully rolled out. As with any large scale project, research and planning are key to the success and even that is progress as big changes in the University tend to be met with several barriers. I have had meetings with three different departments in the University (who are all working towards the same end goal) to bring together our views and plans so that we can work together to push forward the implementation of Recorded Lectures. From these conversations, we have found ways to really bring together plans and make progress.

I have also been involved with the Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) Survey ( – this is being used to canvas student opinion about how they use technology in their studies. A significant part of this includes Recorded Lectures. With enough respondents, the results will have a strong indication of what students want which will give more of a push for the relevant changes and improvements to be made. Also, on the research front we are advertising for a student researcher ( to look into three areas – one of which will be Recorded Lectures: how they’re implemented, benefits, how they can be used etc.

Any significant progress that is made, I will publicise, but due to the complex nature of the project it may seem a bit slow at the beginning. I can assure you that there are meetings taking place and plans being made – it’s something I’m determined to push for.

Hope that answers your question.



Shruti Verma

Vice President Education 

Wednesday 2nd Dec 2015 5:21pm

Question for: Vice President Education