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the open time of all study space and stores on campus

1. For the appropriate and feasible advance, the time of library and building 100 open are longer 1-2 hours on weekends or just on Saturday would be better for all users.

2. For the goods store at interchange, it would be better if open longer 1 hour every day.

3. For the store and eating place at the opposite of Stag's, it would be better if open longer 1 hour every day.

Submitted on Thursday 12th August 2021


Hello - thank you very much for this submission. With regard to the Library, current operating times are 08.00-midnight weekdays, and 09:00-17:00, with booking required. Building 100 is open, no booking required, 08.00-18:00 weekdays, and is closed weekends. I understand that, if these hours don't align to your study schedule, this can be frbstrating. BHowever, due to the significantly reduced number of students on campus over the summer months, and August in particular, the University usually take the decision to run reduced operating hours in order to pool resources. This is the same for the store at Highfield Interchange, and, unfortunately, is unlikely to change. However, when the official University term starts again, you can expect extended operating hours for all of these outlets. In addition, if the store at the Interchange is closed, The Shop, found on the Redbrick, Building 57, on Highfield Campus (just round the corner from the Interchange), is still operating from 9am to 5pm every weekday. 

I appreciate this response may not alleviate all of your concerns about reduced operations on campus during August, but, rest assured that services will resume fully when term starts once again.

Friday 13th Aug 2021 5:39pm


  • Forwarded to Union President
    Friday 13th Aug 2021 9:06am


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