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Request the university to find ways to reduce unwanted noise in accommodation,

From the occasional noises that seemingly come from bathrooms or just noises in the accommodation that students might not have any idea about, or where the noise comes from. Also, some students may make a loud volume of noise later in the evenings around the accommodation, which to some will be irritating and to others distracting if they are doing work late into the night. 

Submitted on Wednesday 20th October 2021


Hello - I have made the Residences Team aware of your concern, which they duly take on board, and have said that they will take action. I would also like you to attend our first Halls Forum of the academic year on Thursday, 11th November at 12pm via Microsoft Teams, where you can raise your specific concerns representatives from the University. 

- Ben. 

Thursday 28th Oct 2021 11:59am

Thank you so much for your submission. I think this is a perfectly reasonable suggestion for me to take forward to the next Halls Experience Board, which is attended by the Director of Residences. The next meeting is next Wednesday, after which I will be able to provide you with an update. Also, it is worth noting that the University does have quieter halls available, for students who prefer an environment with less of the kinds of noises you describe, and that may be something worth discussing with the Residences Team.

- Ben. 

Friday 22nd Oct 2021 2:59pm


  • Forwarded to Union President
    Friday 22nd Oct 2021 9:16am


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