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Extend Safety Bus range

Could the safety bus go to venues beyond just the redbrick - Jesters on Monday, Sobar on Tuesday etc. to help assure student safety getting home. Clubs would more than likely contribute to the cost - I am more than happy to help this happen. 

Submitted on Monday 25th October 2021


YMC Closed.

Any further questions then please do email-

Friday 19th Nov 2021 9:13am


Thank you for your submission. 

Our priority is ensuring that students can get home safely from SUSU venues and events and so we unfortunately do not have the capacity to run a more extensive service. We are, however, working closely with external venues to encourage them to prioritise and improve their approach to student safety. Therefore safe transport could be something clubs look into doing themselves, alongside the extensive provisions we are helping them to put in place. 

Please email me at if you have any further questions in relation to this. 

Kind regards,

Savanna- VP Welfare and Community

Tuesday 16th Nov 2021 2:12pm


  • Forwarded to Vice President Welfare and Community
    Friday 29th Oct 2021 9:18am


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