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Make the Team Southampton Gym at Wide Lane open to all students again

The gym at widelane pre pandemic was open to all studnets to use. Druing COVID restirctions it became open to only bursary students however now restrictions have been liftend it remains only open to bursary students during the day. This is despite the fact gym mebership costs have increased. We are paying more for less.

Submitted on Thursday 18th November 2021


Thanks for the submission I will now mark as complete.

Monday 22nd Nov 2021 3:01pm


Having followed up on this you make change with sport and wellbeing, They have informed me that a Student sport and wellbeing member has access to the Team Southampton gym. If you think this isn't the case, please contact and they will help you fix any issues with your card. 

I will now close this you make change, any issues please contact 

Many thanks for your submission, 

Matt (VP Sports)

Monday 22nd Nov 2021 3:00pm


Thanks for raising your concern to me, I will chase up with the customer excellence manager at sport and wellbeing and aim to get back to you next week with some hopefully positive news. 


Matt (VP Sports)

Friday 19th Nov 2021 9:27am


  • Forwarded to Vice President Sports
    Friday 19th Nov 2021 9:14am


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