fix the hot water tap in the library

Anonymous submitted on

Monday 22nd November 2021


the hot water dispenser has been broken for some time, further to this the cafe are now refusing to give out hot water which means walking across campus for hot water.


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Students' Union replied on

Friday 25th Feb 2022 2:21pm

Hello! I am really happy to say that the hot water tap has been fixed and is now available!! I will close this submission now and hopefully, there aren't any more incidents!

Students' Union replied on

Friday 25th Feb 2022 10:07am

Oh, hi Holly, I have just seen your message! 60p? That's ridiculous! And I agree. I'll chase the library about this unnecessary 60p for hot water.

Students' Union replied on

Friday 25th Feb 2022 10:06am

Hello! Finally some good news. The faulty part will be replaced today and I have emailed David Wright, part of the Library team, to confirm whether or not it will be ready to go for tomorrow. 

Students' Union replied on

Monday 21st Feb 2022 7:02pm

Hello. Unfortunately, there's still no luck. They said they wouldn't bring in a kettle from a Health and Safety standpoint. They also said that Starbucks would hand out free hot water and you can use the microwaves to heat up water. I believe it is Estates just being slow for various reasons. 

Students' Union replied on

Friday 4th Feb 2022 11:44am

Hi, I have just chased again and I am waiting on a response from the Library.

Students' Union replied on

Friday 14th Jan 2022 4:28pm

Hello! Here is the response I received from the Library today: "I’m sorry, I’ve not made any progress with the hot water tap. As I said last week, that will take longer to resolve as there are likely to be a number of obstacles to us achieving that. I will investigate though and update you towards the end of this month. In the meantime, there is a cold water supply nearby and the microwaves would allow library users to heat up water if they need to do that". I will keep this submission open until the hot water tap is implemented for both our peace of mind. 

Students' Union replied on

Friday 7th Jan 2022 2:39pm

Hello! This is the response I received from the Library today: "We will investigate the provision of hot water to go along with the microwaves. That is not likely to be something we can do quickly as it would most likely involve external contractors. Do leave it with me though and I will update you when I’ve had  a chance to investigate further."

Students' Union replied on

Friday 7th Jan 2022 9:40am

Hi. Thank you for your patience on this matter. I believe due to the Winter break, this has perhaps got lost in the communication streams so I will be chasing this for you today. 

Students' Union replied on

Thursday 2nd Dec 2021 11:46am

Hello, thank you for your submission and apologies for not responding sooner. I have spoken to the Library team who are now looking into the health and safety issues regarding this. I'll let you know when they have made a decision!


  • Forwarded to Vice President Education and Democracy

    Friday 26th Nov 2021 11:45am


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Holly Piggin commented on

Tuesday 22nd Feb 2022 11:53am

Thanks for chasing this up, I was originally getting water from Starbucks but they've started charging 60p for a cup of hot water? 

I would be more concerned about taking a container of boiling water out of the microwave than a safe kettle.

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