Have more outdoor tables/benches for studying in the summer months

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Monday 21st March 2022


Increasing access to tables to sit on during the summer months. While there are lots of benches to sit on around campus, there are few with tables that allow people to enjoy studying outside during warmer weather. For many studnets that live in halls or flats without outdoor spaces, it will improve mental wellbeing by allowing people to enjoy the weather, while still being productive.


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Students' Union replied on

Wednesday 30th Mar 2022 5:27pm

Hi - just a final update from the Estates and Residences teams at the University. In Estates, the team is actively looking to improve external environments around buildings and provide important external facilities. Further outdoor Wi-fi pilots are underway, too. In Residences, management has committed at looking to replace some of the outside litter bins with dual purpose bins in areas with a high density of benches. This will then complement the outside bin stores across the sites as well. Today, I did a walkaround of Highfield Campus to establish where the spaces are that could benefit from more bins and outdoor seating, and I am feeding this, along with my pictures, back to the Estates team. 

- Ben. 

Students' Union replied on

Tuesday 29th Mar 2022 1:24pm

Hi there. Thanks again for your submission. I've spoken to SUSU colleagues, who have since committed to looking at increasing the number of picnic benches and supporting activity on the Redbrick already in preparation for the summer term. I am also due to have a walkabout with a colleague in University Estates to discuss where outdoor seating could be increased. Thanks so much for kicking off the conversation around this.

- Ben. 

Students' Union replied on

Friday 25th Mar 2022 3:26pm

Thanks so much for this great submission. I think this is a fantastic idea, and it is something I'll be sure to raise as a matter of priority with the Estates Team at the University. I hope to provide a more substantive update on this in coming weeks. 

- Ben. 


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    Friday 25th Mar 2022 10:07am


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