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Increase the number of recycling bins around campus

As it becomes summer more people are eating out on the grassy areas and benches. Whilst there are lots of bins around there are very few recycling bins. The regular bins are becoming very full and often it's with a lot of recyclable items. 

Submitted on Wednesday 23rd March 2022


Hi - just a final update from the Estates and Residences teams at the University. In Estates, the team is actively looking to improve external environments around buildings and provide important external facilities. Further outdoor Wi-fi pilots are underway, too. In Residences, management has committed at looking to replace some of the outside litter bins with dual purpose bins in areas with a high density of benches. This will then complement the outside bin stores across the sites as well. Today, I did a walkaround of Highfield Campus to establish where the spaces are that could benefit from more bins and outdoor seating, and I am feeding this, along with my pictures, back to the Estates team. 

- Ben. 

Wednesday 30th Mar 2022 5:27pm

Hi Katherine - thanks again for the great submission. I have spoken to colleagues in SUSU about this, who have said that recycling bins are provided through the university and I believe we already have a high number of them in the building compared to others on campus. As such, I have arranged a walkabout discussion with a University Estates colleagues to discuss what can be done around campus ready for the summer term. Thanks so much for helping to kick off the conversation around this. 

- Ben.

Tuesday 29th Mar 2022 1:26pm

Hi there - thanks for bringing this problem to my attention. I will raise this both with the SUSU Facilities team, who manage our buildings, and with the University's Estates Team to help address the wider problem. I hope to provide a more substantive update in coming weeks.

- Ben. 

Friday 25th Mar 2022 3:27pm


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