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Make more vegan friendly and plastic free packed food available.

It is really tricky to find food that is both vegan and not wrapped in plastic meaning that we are often faced in choosing one environmentally damaging lunch over another. It would be brilliant if more options could be made available to make more sustainable choices widely available and the use of single use plastic something of the past. 

Submitted on Friday 25th March 2022


Many thanks for your You Make Change submission, 

The Shop has now acquired recyclable packaging for the pastries and are looking to expand on this for the other items. We have also investigated the option of recyclable packaging for our sandwiches, but the cost of this is significantly higher than the non-recyclable packaging. As a result, we are still looking into this and would appreciate your feedback come September when possible changes will have been made.

If this satisfies for now, I will close this submission, but invite you to open a conversation with me at if you wish to share any more ideas or thoughts. 

Best wishes, 

Ella Foxhall, VP Activities

Tuesday 14th Jun 2022 1:32pm

Many thanks for your You Make Change submission.

To tackle this, would you be available to meet with me to discuss your ideas as to how this could look and to review the options we already have? 

Best wishes, 

Ella Foxhall, VP Activities 

Friday 29th Apr 2022 11:39am


  • Forwarded to Vice President Activities
    Thursday 31st Mar 2022 9:38am


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