Ask the library to have more and clearer signage to mark silent study areas.

Anonymous submitted on

Monday 24th October 2022


Depsite there being posters, students continue to talk and/or complete loud group work in silent study areas which is distracting and unfair to other students who are trying to work. Please can the libary place clearer signage to indicate where people can and cannot talk in the libary, eg. on doors into study rooms, or on desks. 


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Emily Bastable replied on

Tuesday 1st Nov 2022 3:20pm


Thank you for getting in touch. I have spoken to the Library team and they are aware of the lack of signage on levels 4 and 5. This was supposed to be sorted over the summer, but there was a supply issue. This should be rectified in the next couple of weeks. 

They wanted me to bring to your attention the QR codes that are now on desks, and around study areas. These can be used to communicate to library staff on the front desk, so that you don't have to get up and move if there is a disturbance or another issue in your area. 

I will close this for now but re-open if there is another delay in the additional signs for the library. 





  • Forwarded to Vice President Education and Democracy

    Friday 28th Oct 2022 9:40am


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