Make the Bridge All Day breakfast actually run All Day

Dillon Geary submitted on

Friday 4th November 2022


The bridge All Day Breakfast ends at 11:30 which defeats the point of an All Day Breakfast.

SUSU should either:

- Make the all day breakfast last all day (The ideal solution)

- Rename the All Day breakfast

- Make it clear on the menu that the Brunch section ends at 11:30


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Casie Osborne replied on

Friday 20th Jan 2023 9:46am

Good news! The menu has been updated for better clarity. So they have renamed any relevant menu items to better reflect the offering and made serving times more clear. The new menu can be seen at: SUSU - Eat, Drink, Shop - The Bridge

Thank you so much for your YMC and helping to make a difference. 

Many thanks, 

Casie VP Sports

Casie Osborne replied on

Thursday 1st Dec 2022 4:06pm


Thanks for raising this issue. I've spoken to the team and they have taken the feedback on board. They're looking at doing a few menu changes in January to better reflect the timings of when things are available. So the 'All-day breakfast' name is being reviewed and it will be made clear when it ends, but breakfast baps will continue to be all-day. I also raised the need to show when brunch items end and they have taken note of this. Thank you for helping to improve the menu and offering in the bridge :) Any other issues, please do contact me. 

Happy Thursday, 

Casie VP Sports



  • Forwarded to Vice President Sports

    Monday 14th Nov 2022 9:32am


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