make sure the student hub at Winchester has a 24/7 team

Lottie James submitted on

Saturday 5th November 2022


24/7 support should be available at all campuses


Here, you can view the complete set of official responses from the sabbatical officers regarding this submission.

Aycha Ates-Di Adamo replied on

Friday 20th Jan 2023 9:14am


I'm going to close this You Make Change now. But if you would like to bring this up again for a second review or have a chat with the Associate Director (Hubs and Student Administration) please do let me know and I will be happy to facilitate.  

Aycha Ates-Di Adamo replied on

Tuesday 17th Jan 2023 12:21pm

Please find an update from the Associate Director (Hubs and Student Administration): "Students in Winchester can access support 24/7 via our phone line, live chat or email. We are open from 09:00-17:00 for face-to-face enquiries at Winchester currently, but we will be open from 8am-8pm post Easter. These hours are when we receive the vast majority of enquiries. Demand for face-to-face support overnight is currently low but we are constantly reviewing our offer and interaction level to ensure students get the best support possible."

Aycha Ates-Di Adamo replied on

Friday 13th Jan 2023 3:46pm


Hope you are well. I have raised this with the Associate Director, Student & Education Services who has passed this onto the relevant member of staff to look into. I should hopefully be able to provide you with an update shortly. Just wanted to let you know that this is being dealt with and looked into. 


Thank you. 


  • Forwarded to Vice President Welfare and Community

    Monday 14th Nov 2022 9:29am


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