Student Engagement

Anonymous submitted on

Tuesday 1st March 2016


Reflecting on the Election material from last year, you promised to create more videos and blogs to engage with students. But you have not done this. You have realised few (if any) videos and your last SUSU blog was in October. In fact, Shruti and Kerry have been much more active that you in reaching out to students and getting their image out there. Why have you not kept to your election promise and how do you intend to rectify this in the final four months of your term?


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Ed Baird submitted on

Tuesday 1st March 2016


Good point well made, I’m not blogging nearly enough – especially compared with SUSU’s new favourite vloggers Kerry and Shruti.

A lot of the work I do is covered by blogs that aren’t posted from me, so when I do have something to blog it gets written from SUSU (see here or here). Otherwise, so much of my time (a frustrating amount, really) is spent in meetings or dealing with information that the University asks me not to share until it is ready (which in the interests of maintaining a positive working relationship, I honour). Even more of my time is spent dealing one-to-one with students on issues that are quickly then resolved without great fanfare – many of these can be seen on You Make Change, which I’ve been very active on, or in the confines of my email and Facebook inbox. Factor also into this the amount of work I do with/on behalf of other Sabbs, and there’s not much left for me to write personally about that warrants as many videos or blogs as I’d have hoped – though yes, it’s still pretty abysmal that I’ve only produced one since October.

To do better going forward, I’ve just put in time in my weekly calendar to write a blog, and started a document where I’ll record all my actions (great and small) so that I can distil it into plenty of content, and aim to publish a blog every fortnight at a minimum. Hopefully this will reassure you that I am doing something (which I patently am), will meet my aim of getting more students interested in the work of the Union, and broadcast more widely what I get to up to for those who don’t otherwise get to see it.

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