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Virtual Tea and Coffee point

All students, whether living in the UK or abroad, spend time on-line studying, communicating with families and participating in social networks;however, there isn´t an institutionalised virtual place in order to interact.  I think it would be interesting to create a virtual point such as a virtual point in which Soton´s students may chat and exchange ideas. 

As an online student myself I realise that I can email my collegues or chat in the courses´ forums but I sometimes wish I had some other virtual point in order to  chat about life or other topics with my classmates. 

Creating an idea incubator was a great idea, congratulations! 

Kind regards

Submitted on Tuesday 19th April 2016


I think this is an excellent idea! We’re already developing our ability to discuss ideas on the You-Make-Change system in an open forum setting. Once we have this capability, I see no reason it couldn’t be further developed into a message board where the ideas for discussion weren’t there for action/passing at meetings, but solely to bring people together. I’ll pass your feedback onto the relevant Sabb to add to the long term plans for this project.

Monday 25th Apr 2016 4:46pm


  • Forwarded to Union President
    Thursday 21st Apr 2016 11:45am


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