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Replacing the removed


The sign for the entry to the university's south academic block at SGH reads "South Academic Block  and Laboratory and Patholo y block", missing a "g".

Will the university look into replacing the missing letter?

Submitted on Tuesday 10th May 2016


Thank you for your change suggestion, all decisions regarding the hospital go through the trust and not the University of Southampton to begin with and we’re actually meeting up with them beginning of next month to talk about a number of issues concerning students at the hospital and we’ll be sure to bring this matter up as well.

Anjit Aulakh

VP Student Communities

Tuesday 24th May 2016 9:35am


  • Forwarded to Vice President Student Communities
    Wednesday 11th May 2016 9:12am
  • Forwarded to Vice President Education
    Wednesday 11th May 2016 9:04am


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