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Conflict of interest

How can the union claim to represent all students AND be vehemently 'IN' for the upcoming referendum?  Should your role not be to facilitate open and fair debate (a task clearly beyond the media and most politicians)?  This isn't the Nazi party versus the Jews, it's a dicussion about whether or not the nation should be in a fiscial union.  Not (as people seem to be overlooking) a political union and not aligned resolutely along lines of race or any other 'discrimination'.  After all, Corbyn has been a life-long eurosceptic until a couple of months ago...

Submitted on Thursday 16th June 2016

The role the Union is taking is to facilitate debate from both sides and present them both neutrally, but that in recognition of the students who visit here from Europe, students studying here who undertake opportunities for a year’s study in European countries, and the funding awarded to the University that is vital to the research studies of many students, the best option is to remain in the EU. We understand that not every student feels the same way and that the issues surrounding the referendum are complex and far reaching, but we are focussing on the educationally relevant aims to make our position, alongside working to provide reasoned debate.

Ben Franklin

Union President

Tuesday 21st Jun 2016 11:14am