Culture week

Anonymous submitted on

Wednesday 13th July 2016


What is the union doing to facilitate intercultural communications at the University? How does the union plan to improve communications between british students and international students ?


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Ed Baird submitted on

Friday 15th July 2016


Hi! Thank you for your question!

Intercultural communication is something that is a priority at the Union, and therefore will be part of my Full Time Officer plan for this academic year. As a team we want to look at the way that we communicate with different cultures at the University and try to create a better way of doing so, but also want to improve the way that the cultures connect with each other. Celebrations such as Culture Festival will be expanded so that more and more groups can get involved and interact with each other, with the hope that both home and international students alike can experience each other’s cultures. As ever, we’re always open to suggestions as to how we can improve; feel free to drop me an email at or pop down to the office on Level 2 of building 42 and we can have a more detailed chat about this!

Thanks, Flora Noble, VP Student Communities