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Improve Lettings support for WSA students

Finding properties in Winchester is a nightmare, most properties are awful and landlords get away with it. There are so few properties in Winchester which adds to the stress of finding somewhere quick. Can the Union please advertise properties in Winchester and generally help students in Winchester as we get no help?

Submitted on Saturday 26th November 2016


Hello Grace,

We discussed housing at Winchester in Student Life zone and feel that as a union we know far too little about the Winchester market compared to Southampton. As such we are now conducting some research into the specific Winchester housing issues with a view to starting a housing Fayre next year. Thank you very much for getting in touch!

Best wishes


David Allwright - VP Welfare

Monday 30th Jan 2017 12:44pm


The Student Life Zone have put this on the agenda for tomorrow's meeting (Thursday 15th December 2016) at 15:00 in Meeting Room 2, Level 1, Building 42 (main Union building). I'll ensure an update is published as soon as possible after the meeting.

Many thanks,

Alex Hovden - Union President

Wednesday 14th Dec 2016 3:52pm

Hello Grace,

Just to update you on this. Union Senate discussed this matter today (Friday 9th December) and has decided to put the idea to the Student Life Zone to conduct further research into, which will include engaging the University of Winchester Students' Union about the issue. Furthermore, holding a Housing Fayre at WSA was discussed, along with more year round opportunities for housing advice through the Advice Centre. I'll be speaking with David Allwright, VP Welfare, about taking this forward.

Many thanks,

Alex Hovden - Union President

Friday 9th Dec 2016 3:35pm

Hello Grace,

thank you for getting in touch. This is an interesting idea and I absolutely believe we should support WSA students in finding suitable accommodation. This is an issue that comes within the remit of three separate areas of the Union: Welfare (e.g. housing support); Student Communities (i.e. WSA); Union Services (i.e. Lettings Agency). I will bring it to the attention of the relevant Full-Time Officers to discuss at their Zone meetings, however, I will also be putting this forward for discussion by Union Senate. I will pass on your details to the Officers, to ensure you are notified of any potential meetings where this issue will be discussed.

We will update You Make Change when we have further developments.

Thank you again for bringing your idea to our attention.

Alex Hovden - Union President

Friday 2nd Dec 2016 1:13pm


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    Friday 2nd Dec 2016 1:04pm


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