VC Pay

Mike Allwright submitted on

Friday 6th January 2017


Does the Union intend to register concern to the University that they topped the VC pay list for 2016 after "compensating" the outgoing VC £250,000 in addition to paying the full salary of the new VC? This surely does not represent value for money for students! 


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Evie Reilly submitted on

Friday 13th January 2017


Hi Mike, Thanks for your question. We have noted the article in the Telegraph last week, which shines light on the level of pay given to the former Vice-Chancellor following his departure. There have been some comments expressed by students over social media, and I will be making sure that this feedback is acknowledged at the relevant meetings with the University in due course. If students wish for me to pass on any specific feedback then they are more than welcome to get in contact with me. Any relevant updates will be provided to students via our website.

Many thanks,

Alex Hovden – Union President