Fee Change 2016 - No Student Discount in the University Swimming Pool anymore

Ramona Allemann submitted on

Saturday 7th January 2017


It is an(other) example of profit driven behaviour of the University on the cost of students. Since the autumn term of 2016 there is no student discount for the swimming pool anymore. They are even so rude to advert for the costly Sports and Wellbeing Membership. It would costs me more than twice a year for just going for a swim each week.

In EVERY swimming pool in Southampton I get a student discount exept in my own University. This is disgraceful for the university by all means and a backstep for sports development.


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Students' Union replied on

Friday 20th Jan 2017 1:23pm

Hi Ramona,

After consulting with Sport and Wellbeing they informed us that they have removed price options for staff and students. They now just offer prices for members and non-members, hence the change to your price. This is all decided by Sport and Wellbeing as the facilities are not run by the Union. You can contact Sport and Wellbeing at sportandwellbeing@soton.ac.uk to find out more information.
I agree that this does not help Sports Development and I will take this to my next Zone meeting to see if we can include changes in our counter-proposals to Sport and Wellbeing’s new membership structure.
Many thanks

Tom Provan
Vice-President Sports Development


  • Forwarded to Vice President Sports

    Friday 13th Jan 2017 1:30pm


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