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Monday 30th January 2017


Firstly I'd like to show some appreciation to the changes that have already been made, and im sure the 35 people who collected their tickets from WSA are very happy in preportation for Bloc Party Tonight... however I'd also like to stress how poorly managed the ticket collection has been today, it seems that only tickets ordered by Erasmus Park Residents have been sent up; where as all the facebook posts has reached out to WSA Students as a whole. This has meant that myself and others are having to find last minute ways to get to Highfield and back before this evening, when thats not so easy as you think 'getting the shuttle bus' its full nearly everytime, especially at 4pm when people who live in southampton are all heading home. Im disappointed this wasnt made clearer, and I would like to voice there are plenty of other students at WSA that are not erasmus residents so maybe there should be an option to say where we would like to collect it from when purchasing! `The same with the transport provided for the refreshers events 'for WSA', 'from Erasmus' because we aren't taking the risk of getting on the transport when there have been shortages in the past and it isnt clear who its for when it has been voiced to WSA as a whole, i cant help but think you've only accounted for those at Erasmus who have purchased. 

I'd like to be clear I'm not having a rant or a go at your services, as like I first mentioned they are significantly better than last year, however things still aren't quite there and we are still feeling the segregation from the main campus. 


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Students' Union replied on

Thursday 16th Mar 2017 12:58pm

Hi there,

I'm excited to announce that, based on your submission, we have taken your idea on-board and have now given the option for WSA students to collect their tickets from WSA or Highfield by selecting it on the Box Office website. I hope this comes in useful, especially now that WSA Summer Ball tickets are now on sale! Once again, thank you for your idea submission.


Flora Noble
Vice-President Student Communities

Students' Union replied on

Thursday 23rd Feb 2017 12:34pm

Hi, thanks for your submission!

I’m really sorry to hear there was an issue with your ticket collection before Bloc Party. This has been noted for a couple of events now, and we really want to make sure that it doesn’t happen again. As a result, we have come up with a couple of solutions, which we are looking to implement as soon as possible! I will make sure an update is posted both on this thread and on the Union website when I have one.


Flora Noble
VP Student Communities


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    Friday 10th Feb 2017 10:39am


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