The TEF, NSS and Tuition Fees

Jake Rowland submitted on

Wednesday 1st February 2017


Hi, as a result of the governments new teaching excellence framework do you know if the university intends to raise its fees if it achieves high scores in the NSS? 


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Evie Reilly submitted on

Thursday 2nd February 2017


Hi Jake,

As of last October the University has committed to a stance of raising fees in line with inflation for new undergraduate students as of 2017/18, pending the approval of the Higher Education and Research Bill through parliament. This will mean students currently at the University will not be charged more, but any new students will pay the higher fee of £9,250. 

They are able to do this for the next year as they have met the requirements specified in the TEF of having a successful review by the Quality Assurance Agency and having an access agreement agreed by the Office for Fair Access (OFFA). This means that regardless of the TEF rating (Bronze, Silver, or Gold) that will be granted to the University, partially based on the NSS metrics, the fees will be able to rise.

For more information on this please see this blog from the University - 

I’m happy to try and answer any more questions about this topic and the uncertain future of Universities in this country, so please don’t hesitate to ask!


Elliot Grater
Vice President Education