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Campaign for an overhaul of the Online Options Choice system

The University must change the way students select their choices for the next academic year. With every increasing numbers of students accepted it is likely the system will collapse more frequently under the immense volume of students trying to access their Student Record at the same time. This means students are frequently losing out on the choices they want. I believe in the idea of a queuing system with each student given a number electronically which represents their position in the queue so there is not a chaotic and frantic scramble to access the service at the same time. 

Submitted on Monday 24th April 2017


Hi there, Thank you for taking the time to submit an idea to the AGM. During voting your idea received 355 net votes from your fellow students and as such, it will be taken forward next year by the appropriate zone and made into an Action Plan. If you would like any details about the Action Plan process or what happens after the AGM, please contact democracy@unionsouthampton.org. Kind regards, Democracy Team

Thursday 1st Jun 2017 2:16pm

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