Bring Back Sunday Carvery

Anonymous submitted on

Wednesday 4th October 2017


I recently heard that Sunday Carvery offered by the bridge is no longer available. However, it was one of the most affordable around and always seemed hugely popular. It's surprisingly hard to get a cheap local carvery, especially in Highfield.

Essentially: why was it removed, and can we have it back?


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Students' Union replied on

Friday 13th Oct 2017 3:18pm


Thanks for your question! Having spoken to our Union Services Directorate, we have stopped running a weekly Sunday carvery because numbers went into decline, and we could no longer make the costs of staffing it balance with the amount of carveries we were selling without incurring significant costs to the Union. However, we hope to continue running Sunday carvery monthly from November, with the emphasis on it being a special occasion sort of thing - maybe to celebrate a birthday or the end of exams with your housemates!


Flora, Union President


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    Friday 6th Oct 2017 1:12pm


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