Extend access to university buildings until at least 8pm and on weekends.

Cori Haws submitted on

Wednesday 22nd November 2017


Almost all buildings are "Access Denied" after 6pm. The only exceptions are for specific buildings which your faculty deems that you may need access to.

The fact that access to buildings to restricted after 6pm and on weekends makes it difficult to find rooms which are suitable to use as in many cases only one or two members of the society have access to the building.

University buildings should be accessible to all students until at 8pm (when most society meetings conclude) though preferably until 11pm, with Card Access.

University buildings should be accessible to all students during weekends.


Here, you can view the complete set of official responses from the sabbatical officers regarding this submission.

Students' Union replied on

Friday 16th Feb 2018 10:31am

Hi Cori,

I have received a response from the University as to the reasoning behind the limited access to buildings out of hours: 

'Building 34 and the library are available for these purposes until 11pm.  We have to restrict access to the majority of our estate predominantly on Health and Safety and Security grounds. During core hours buildings have First Aid provision, fire warden cover and people available to assist with such aspects as evacuation of wheelchair users in the event of an emergency evacuation.  We also have had security issues with people unlawfully entering our buildings who have no business here if we open them after 6pm.  Finally, we have an environmental responsibility and in order to provide Heating, cooling and lighting as applicable for all buildings to be open ready for use there is a significant energy use that drives over £200,000 of additional cost.'


I won't close this issue just yet, as I think that there is further work that can be done to improve availability of spaces to students out of hours.

Flora, Union President


Students' Union replied on

Wednesday 14th Feb 2018 11:43am

Hi Cori,


Just as an update, I have raised this issue with the University in a meeting about student experience, but am also enquiring about a more direct way to get an answer for you!


Flora, Union President

Students' Union replied on

Friday 12th Jan 2018 12:43pm

Hi Cori,

Thanks for your suggestion! I will send this onto the University and see if they can make it easier to access buildings 


Flora, Union President


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