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University ranking decreasing since 2016

Why is the vice chancellor getting a pay rise of up to £500,000 per year but the university has fallen 16 places down since 2016?

Submitted on Friday 8th December 2017

Hi Elena, 

This is an issue that we understand students have been asking about. We're currently holding an All Student Vote, of which one of the questions concerns the pay of the Vice-Chancellor. That's open until 1pm 12th January, so this is a chance for yourself and other students to take a stance on this issue. Once the results are in we at the Union will be taking further action, depending on the results and we will, of course be student led on this as well. I will update more once we have those results, but in the meantime please vote and encourage your friends and peers to do the same!

- Evie (VP Democracy and Creative Industries)

Friday 12th Jan 2018 11:56am