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Play students' music across all SUSU outlets

All students who write their own music and have recorded it should have the oppertunity to submit it to be played on the radio across all SUSU outlets. The university has a Music Department that is bursting with extremely talented musicians, trying to develop their careers and SUSU should support this by playing their music. This should not be restricted to only music students however, as there are loads of other musicians across the uni that are actively involved in making music. I have contacted Surge radio and they have not replied. The Union should be upporting its students!

Submitted on Monday 26th February 2018


Hi Charlotte, 

If this is still something you're having trouble looking into please don't hesitate to contact me at We're definitely looking at ensuring Surge is played more across the Union, so this is a great avenue to look at. 

Many thanks, 


Thursday 17th May 2018 10:42am

Hi Cahrlotte, 

I agree, we've got so many talented musicians at Southampton, in the Music department, in societies and independently. Surge should be able to add student music to their music catalogue, I'm not sure which contact address you've used but you could try If not I can absolutely chase this up for you!

Many thanks, 

Evie (VP democracy and Creative Industries)

Friday 13th Apr 2018 10:19am


  • Forwarded to Creative Industries
    Friday 9th Mar 2018 12:02pm


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  • then email*

    Submitted on Monday 12th March 2018 19:10 by Carly-May Kavanagh
  • If you want your music to be available to be played on Surge, then with clean copies and ask for them to be put on the system :)

    Submitted on Monday 12th March 2018 19:05 by Carly-May Kavanagh