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Change the tills used across campus to make printing a receipt optional

I have not once needed a receipt from the SUSU shop, however I am always offered one. I know that till systems exist where priniting a receipt can be optional. We should move over to this system to continue to move this campus in a more sustainable direction! 

Submitted on Tuesday 6th March 2018


Hi there, 

Thank you for your idea. I have contacted the relevant Union staff members, and the solutions is as follows:

  • Card transactions will still need an obligatory printed receipt due to auditing purposes. 
  • General transacations do not need to print a receipt, and so this can be optional

We are looking to implement this in time for the start of term. 


Kind regards, 

Sam Higman - VP Welfare (

Monday 9th Apr 2018 2:07pm


  • Forwarded to Sustainability
    Friday 9th Mar 2018 11:59am


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