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give specific time for repair work to place in halls

The halls admin should give a specific time for work to take place in rooms. Currently they just send a generic messages saying work will take place between the hours of 9am to 5pm at any time within one week. This can be very annyoing and stresful, especially if you are planning on having friends over or wanting to nap etc. 


Hi there; thank you for your idea submission. I have received a response from the Residences Deputy Manager:

"We do understand that maintenance works can occasionally be inconvenient, and that it would be better to provide a specific time for to work to take place. However, this simply isn’t practical for the majority of our maintenance room entries. Often, planned maintenance works are advised to us by external contractors, and with the best will, it is not feasible to have them confirm the specific time they will be able to enter and one individual’s room. If they are carrying out maintenance works in several hundred or even thousands of rooms on one day, it would actually impact students more if they were given a specific time and that time could not be met due to the work taking longer, room access not being possible, students talking to the contractors on their way round, or any number of other possibilities.

We do ensure that, unless emergency works, entries to bedrooms only take place between the hours of 9am and 5pm – hours during which we can reasonably assume students to be up and about. To that end, we do not typically allow works to go on beyond 5pm due to the impact it will have on students in the evening. Further to that, we continually try to consolidate visits where there may be a number of maintenance issues happening at the same time in order to have the number of room visits minimised.

In nearly all planned maintenance works, however, the option exists for students to be available at a specific time – just speak to your reception to confirm when you’d like them to visit. This may not be possible with certain types of entry however."

I hope this helps.

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Sam Higman - Vice President Welfare (


Thursday 26th Apr 2018 4:59pm