have weights reserved for women priority in all university sport and wellbeing centres.

Anonymous submitted on

Tuesday 13th March 2018


I am a user of the sport and wellbeing facilities and a member of SUBC. Therefore, it is necessary to use weightsfor training. I have found that 99% of the time I'm the only woman using weights. Every time I've used weights I've been interrupted by men, rushing me, staring and taking weights without asking. This does not occur between the men. The dominance of men in the weights area intimidates women and puts them off of using weights. I think that there should be weights (squat racks especially) reserved for women priority to encourage and empower more women.


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Students' Union replied on

Friday 6th Apr 2018 3:59pm

Hi Anon, thank you for your suggestion.

I have spoken to Sport and Wellbeing management about this and they are in agreement with SUSU that we are hesitant to introduce female priority equipment or female only sessions because it creates gender divisions and in our opinion would be detrimental towards creating equality. That said, we recognise that many members of the gym do feel uncomfortable with using the free weights so we will be taking steps in the near future to tackle this. Our current plan is to hold focus groups and consultations with various groups of S&W members to inform ways to tackle this issue and make the gym a more welcoming environment in future so I would recommend keeping an eye out and attending these sessions when they come up over next term. Some ideas that have been floated between us already have been to hold beginner sessions, have more guidance on gym etiquette in general, and have incentives for social media influencers to promote the positive aspects of working out in Jubilee gym among the student body to inspire more confidence in users. There will be action on this during the next academic year but what form it takes is yet to be decided.

Best wishes,

Steve Gore, VP Sports


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