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Cocktails in The Bridge

Why are the majority of cocktails in The Bridge made with Red Bull? This was a change that happened a couple of months ago, seemingly without student consultation. Mixing energy drinks and alcohol has been shown to have negative affects on the body (see: but aside from that, as if that wasn't enough of a reason, what about those who want a cocktail but don't want an energy drink, or cannot have that much caffeine? Would it be too much to have a wide variety of other types of cocktail sold alongside these?

Submitted on Wednesday 18th April 2018


There are actually more cocktails in The Bridge made without Red Bull, compared to those that are. We are always looking to refresh our drinks menus, and after looking through the sales data, there were definitely a few cocktails that just weren’t selling, and the decision was made to remove them. You could say that students voted with their choices, be actively not buying them! We kept the very popular ones, and also freshened up the Mojito range to reflect the Summer months. The reason for adding a number of Red Bull cocktails is due to their huge popularity in other Student Union’s up and down the Country, so we thought we would try them here. I am happy to say that they have proved popular, and when we look to freshen the menu up again after the Summer, we may well keep the most popular ones, and introduce new flavour combinations.

If you have any ideas for new cocktails to go on the menu, feel free to email!

Flora, Union President

Thursday 3rd May 2018 9:51am