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No to Food Waste

we should donate all unused food from the cafeteria and pass it on to charity. 

Submitted on Thursday 23rd August 2018


Hi there, 


Thank you for you submission. We do a lot here in SUSU to reduce food wastage as much as possible. For example, in The Shop there is very minimal wastage, ensured through a couple of methods:


1) We operate a "sale and return" scheme, where if anything goes out of date or near end of shelf life, the product is sent back to the company and we are refunded for the good.


2) We do reduce prices on products past their "best before" date.


Sometimes, there is a very small amount of pastries left over at close of shop- but these are not wasted as are offered to support staff on duty.  


Also, in our outlets we cook to order. However, we are looking to further work to reduce any food waste that may still exist by working with homeless charities and donating it to them. 


If you would like to be invovled in future sustainability conversations, please do attend the Sustainability Zone meetings. The next one is taking place on the 26th November 1pm-3pm. 


Best wishes, 


Isabella Camilleri

VP Welfare 

University of Southampton Students' Union



Friday 2nd Nov 2018 3:21pm


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    Friday 24th Aug 2018 1:11pm


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