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install a permanent MAME cabinet

I like the look of the temporary retro arcade machines in the Diner, and thought it would be cool if the uni had a permanent MAME cabinet where students could play loads of different retro games in one place. I imagine it's quite a cheap purchase for the university to make.

Submitted on Wednesday 26th September 2018


Hi thank you for your suggestion. It is my understanding that this would be an expensive purchase for the Union, hence why they were rented in over the Freshers period. Your positive feedback about them will be taken on board, but unfortunately there has not been enough up votes to take this forward at this point, however we will definitely look to having them back next year!


Evie REilly (VP Democracy and Creative Industries)

Friday 14th Dec 2018 11:29am


  • Forwarded to Union President
    Friday 28th Sep 2018 1:04pm


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  • I agree, I was hoping SUSU could keep at least one of the machines!

    Submitted on Thursday 11th October 2018 16:44 by Alexander Petrov