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introduce a food sharing space

Other places have a place to put unwanted food out and someone else who wants it will take it.
Could we have one of these? Possibly an extra shelf next to the book swap space that's outside the bridge.

Submitted on Wednesday 10th October 2018


Hi Corin, 


Thank you for your submission. Unfortunately we are unable to offer a food sharing station (using food from our outlets) we run many initiatives to reduce the food waste that may be produced.


1) We operate a "sale and return" scheme, where if anything goes out of date or near end of shelf life, the product is sent back to the company and we are refunded for the good.


2) We do reduce prices on products past their "best before" date.


Sometimes, there is a very small amount of pastries left over at close of shop- but these are not wasted as are offered to support staff on duty.  


Also, in our outlets we cook to order. However, we are looking to further work to reduce any food waste that may still exist by working with homeless charities and donating it to them. 


It may however be possible for students to share their food with eachother- have you used the app Olio before? This is a cool way to share food! You could look to run an event similar on campus?


If you would like help organisisng anything or to be invovled in future sustainability conversations, please do attend the Sustainability Zone meetings. The next one is taking place on the 26th November 1pm-3pm. 


Best wishes, 


Isabella Camilleri

VP Welfare 

University of Southampton Students' Union



Friday 2nd Nov 2018 5:17pm


  • Forwarded to Sustainability
    Thursday 11th Oct 2018 10:51am


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