Status: Accepted

Form a housing page with approved landlords

A central website for landlords to advertise properties and for students to request housing. 

A bit like the hugely successful unipol: Students can apply via the website, landlords get ranked. Bad landlords get reduced ratings & may even be struck off the page! (Must inc info on letting fees). Allows students to see the decent properties/have a central place to look. 

Very good landlords get a bronze/silver/gold rating. 

Submitted on Thursday 11th May 2017 by Callum Taylor


Hi Callum, thanks for your idea! We're currently working on a system where students can provide feedback on their landlords (you can find the survey here). However, the aspect about linking students looking for rooms could be something that is linked to our Lettings Agency, and as a result, I'll ensure this idea is on the agenda for the next Student Life Zone, where it can be discussed further.  Flora Noble, Vice-President Student Communities and Deputy President. 

Thursday 22nd Jun 2017 2:47pm


  • Forwarded to Student Life
    Friday 2nd Jun 2017 1:21pm


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