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19th December 2014

Running your Union

Union Films shine with Mockingjay success!

You may have read in a previous blog that Union Films have taken on a vast feat of showing The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1 a whopping 16 times! ‘Crazy!’ I hear you cry, well, I’m here to tell you that they not only did this, they absolutely... (read more)

by Megan Downing | Vice President Democracy & Creative Industries » 3 days ago

Dale Road Petition

The Southampton medical students have started a campaign to try and to improve the cycling conditions of Dale Road following a recent incident involving a 3rd year student who came off his bike after hitting a pot hole and consequently fractured his clavicle.... (read more)

by Sophia D'Angelico | Vice President Education » 4 days ago

Hidden Course Costs

We all know that the value of your education is hard to measure, but what about the cost?   Although your tuition fees can be paid by a loan that gets paid back once you’ve graduated, there are lots of other costs that you may have to be pay upfront... (read more)

by Sophia D'Angelico | Vice President Education » 1 week ago

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