28th April 2015

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Running your Union

David Mendoza-Wolfson

The Union Needs to Change

I believe that some of our democratic structures fail the general student body. Namely, I’m talking about Union Council. Our democratic structures should make real change to the lives of students, and our policies should be geared towards them as... (read more)

by David Mendoza-Wolfson | Union President » 17 hours ago

Sophia D'Angelico

Join our team!

    The Spring Elections are on the horizon and that means we are looking for NEXT YEAR’S team of academic representatives. That’s right – now is the time to nominate yourself to be a Course Rep, Academic President, Vice President or... (read more)

by Sophia D'Angelico | Vice President Education » 19 hours ago

Megan Downing

Summer Elections, join the team!

I know you’re probably bored of all this elections nonsense with the Spring Elections out of the way and the impending General Election, but just hear me out, as there may be something that interests you in this blog. If you missed out on a position... (read more)

by Megan Downing | Vice President Democracy & Creative Industries » 2 days ago

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