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You Are More Than is back!

If you cast your minds back to the January exam period (painful thoughts we... (read more)

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Summer Elections: #JoinTheTeam

Nominations for our Summer Elections are now open – you have until Wednesday... (read more)

Students' Union

Sub Focus to headline Graduation...

It’s been an exciting week of news about your Graduation Ball following... (read more)

NHS funded degrees: response...

In the government’s Autumn budget proposed changes to NHS funded... (read more)

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How to Cope with Difficult...

Housemates are like marmite. Sometimes you’ll love them, other times you may... (read more)

NUS, AGM & Grad Ball,...

Hey y’all. CONTENTS: 1. Grad Ball, 2. NUS Conference, 3. The AGM So,... (read more)

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Laughter Lounge: Pierre Novellie,...

Laughter Lounge is back for summer 2016 with some great line-ups from the best... (read more)

Students' Union

The Swap Shop is back

Out with the old, in with the new! Did you know, if you own clothes you’ve... (read more)

Global Athletes Project Launch

This week marked the launch of the brand new Global Athletes Project, an... (read more)

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Awards Ceremonies update

Thank you to everyone who nominated someone deserving for one of our awards. We... (read more)

Students' Union

Lifestyle Survey: Who are...

We’re launching our student Lifestyle Survey today – designed to better... (read more)

Students' Union

UEFA Euro 2016 Games at The...

Picture the scene… Sitting on a comfortable sofa with pint in hand watching... (read more)

Students' Union

Bike Doctor

The Bike Doctor is back! If you are a cycling fanatic, but your bike isn’t... (read more)

Thinking about PGT study?

As you may remember from government’s Autumn Budget and my blog from... (read more)

Student Groups Update: Here’s...

It’s that time of year where wizened old student group committees pass... (read more)

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