29th January 2015

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Megan Downing

Student Blogger Wanted – The University’s ‘Life at Southampton’ are recruiting

University of Southampton are looking for a new student blogger to join their team at the University’s blog, Life at Southampton. The blog is aimed at anyone who may be interested in student life here, particularly current and prospective students.... (read more)

by Megan Downing | Vice President Democracy & Creative Industries » 11 hours ago

Ellie Cawthera

What Have the Sabbs Done For You? 6 Months In – VP Engagement

 So… 6 Months In… It has been a whopping half year. Here are all the things I’ve achieved half way through my term in office. RAG Conference bid In August, we valiantly fought to host RAG Conference 2015 here in Southampton. Putting... (read more)

by Ellie Cawthera | Vice President Engagement » 15 hours ago

Anjit Aulakh

What Have the Sabbs Done for You? 6 Months In – VP Student Communities

Hi everyone I have the honour of being the first in the set of 7 blogs by myself and all the other sabbatical officers to tell you all what we’ve achieved 6 months into the job and hopefully a peek at what’s to come, so hopefully you enjoy them,... (read more)

by Anjit Aulakh | Vice President Student Communities » 2 days ago

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