Car boot sale

Andreas Zimmermann submitted on

Monday 20th March 2017


Hi guys! I came up with an idea seeing how people are buying and selling stuff all over facebook and gumtree. There is a car boot sale in Bursledon every Sunday and many interesting things are being traded out there. However it is difficult to get there since me and many other students don't own a car.

My idea is to do roughly the same thing as the Monday fruit and vegetable market, but on Saturday/Sunday in the red brick square. The whole thing would suppose bringing students from around the campus, they can bring their items for sale (there are plenty, just have a look on the Free and for sale group on Facebook) and just expose them on some tables arranged in the red brick square. It is not necessary to have tables, we could also use some bed sheets/ whatever other material to lay the objects down. Prices exposed, people come and buy stuff and everyone is happy. Plus, you could charge everyone that sells stuff something like £0.5 or £1 and that money could either go to a charity, go to someone responsible for organizing this thing or simply go in your budget for activities.

I think many people would subscribe to this idea. Please let me know what you think. Also apologies if this is already taking place, I just didn't encounter anything like that happening around.



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Students' Union replied on

Friday 28th Apr 2017 10:26am

Hi Andreas,

This is such a fab idea! 

We're potentially looking to hold our first car boot sale on the last Sunday of May as part of our 'Shift Your Stuff' campaign! As a result, I have passed the idea on to our VP Welfare, David Allwright, to take further.

Flora, Vice-President Student Communities and Deputy President

Students' Union replied on

Tuesday 11th Apr 2017 9:27am

Hi Andreas,


Many thanks for this. I have put it on the agenda for Operations and Services Advisory Forum, where it will be discussed after Easter.


Please contact Dan Varley (VP Engagement) for more information as he will be chairing the meeting in my absence.


Many thanks

Alex Hovden - Union President


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