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Vegan Bridge Options

The increase in vegan options on campus are great, but The Bridge offer absolutely nothing on Sundays for vegans to eat. You can't even get a portion of chips, you have to get a roast but the nut roast (for some reason) isn't vegan. Considering The Bridge is one of the few places on campus open past 3.30 on a Sunday, and that there are still a lot of people on campus on those days, it would be nice for The Bridge to offer at least one thing for vegans to have (and especially something that isn't a full roast!)


Hi Carly-May,

Thanks for your suggestion! 

This issue got taken to the last Operations and Services Advisory Forum, Our Director of Union Services informed us that they are looking to update vegan options in the Bridge, including the offer on a Sunday, In the meantime, he said that the nut roast is vegan, and to ask a member of bar staff if you have any further questions!


Flora, Vice-President Student Communities and Deputy President

Friday 28th Apr 2017 4:29pm