Status: Complete

Simplify access to branding materials

Our new brand was advertised as a way to reduce inconsistencies between how different student groups choose to represent themselves. However, this is difficult to achieve when our branding materials are not publicly accessible. A Google search for "Union Southampton branding" currently yields a guidelines document from 2012 (

To facilitate a smoother transition into the new brand, and to reduce instances of misuse (logo resized out of aspect ratio, low-res images used due to poor availability of resources, etc.), branding materials should be made available through the Union website, together with a current version of the branding guidelines.


Hi Milosz,

Thanks for your submission! I completely agree that it makes sense for clubs and societies to have access to the Union's brand guidelines and materials. As we are currently in the process of making the transition from Union Southampton to SUSU that which launch in late June, our Marketing department have said they aim to make the brand guidelines public in July. This shoould allow enough time for clubs and societies to prepare for Freshers'.

Many thanks,

Cameron Meldrum
Vice-President Democracy and Creative Industries

Tuesday 16th May 2017 12:19pm