Status: Complete

Lobby for a pedestrian friendly campus- connecting the east & west side of highfield.

The central university road is very busy with traffics and splits highfield campus in two. Paving the central road, raising it to pavement height and limiting transport to buses/ taxi's between 9-5 will massively improve the atmosphere of campus. This will successfully connect the two sides into one big open square & make campus pedesterian friendly and greener.

Alternate routes around campus can be improved and the uni/council can redesign of the space, in a similar fashion to the city centre redevelopment plans. One upfront cost for a lifetime change to the feel of southampton university!



Unfortunately I don't have much of an update from this over the summer, but I will give this feedback to the University as part of their large-scale plans for campus over the next few years! 


Flora, Union President

Friday 6th Oct 2017 12:26pm

Hi there,

Thanks very much for this! It's certainly a great idea, and one that I do believe that the University are fairly open to in terms of their estate planning for the next few years. I can pass this on to my successor, Flora Noble, who can look into this with the University and see where it can go.

Many thanks

Alex Hovden - Union President

Friday 23rd Jun 2017 1:20pm