make the same posture for women and men at the annual club photo.

Anonymous submitted on

Friday 12th May 2017


Women and men have different postures on the photo.

Why does the photographer ask woemn to sit a different way than men? Why not sitting the same way ?

The posture of the men is legs wide-opened, and the posture of the women is huddled: Women look 2x smaller than men.

Club members join the club the same way, same effort, same passion, women or men. But The Uni privileges men on the club photography.

People fights that in the underground (manspreading), and you are exactly doing the same.

Women and men should have the same status.


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Students' Union replied on

Friday 9th Jun 2017 1:29pm


Thanks for your idea submission. We can relay your opinion to the company that take the team photos to see if they can address the issue. We will also make sure that our clubs are aware that they can request to be posed the same, regardless of gender.

If you would like to persue this issue please email me at and share any examples with me.

Many thanks,

Tom Provan
VP Sports Development


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