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Influence positively in the habits of students by improving the type and quality of food that is sold

In a great deal, how we eat determine our performance, wellness and happiness. At the university, we can eat what we can buy. For example, at The Shop at Highfield campus, there is just a small place for some fruits, while there are several corridors full of processed and sugary products. Students are going to end up eating something unhealthy. Nevertheless, by changing this to a balance between healthy and unhealthy foods of 50% we can impact positively on people's decisions to have more options to choose and increasing the chances of them eating better and therefore feeling better.

Submitted on Saturday 13th May 2017 by Francisco Miranda Gonzalez


Hi Francisco! Thanks for your idea! I will take this to the next Operations and Services Advisory Forum, where it will be discussed by both students and member of Union staff. This meeting is unlikely to occur, however, until the new academic year, so in the meantime I will action the Vice-President Welfare to speak to our Union Services team (who run the shop) and bring you an update! Thanks, Flora Noble, Vice-President Student Communities and Deputy President 

Tuesday 20th Jun 2017 9:47am


  • Forwarded to Student Life
    Friday 2nd Jun 2017 1:13pm


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