Status: Complete

New Gym Memberships


Starting from 1st of August, new gym memebrships will be implemented. Among this, the only option available for students who want just to attend fitness classes is to buy the full membership for 230£, rather than 165£ like last year, basically a 30% increase. I think this increase is really a lot for one year, especially if I only want to attend classes. Can we do something to improve the situation? Like having a gym membership just for class-attendees? I already reported this to the gym reception.




Thanks for your idea. I agree that is going to be a challenge for those who are mainly attending classes. The students union has campaigned hard to make sure the membership policy is as fair as possible, and whilst improved from Sport and Wellbeing's orginal gym policy plan, we understand that there can still be a lot more work to be done.

Unfortunately Sport and Wellbeing will be going ahead with their planned membership before any changes can be made. The best thing students can do is feedback to both the Students Union and Sport and Wellbeing about the ongoing membership issues and will therefore support any necessary changes that need to be made to the membership structure.

Please don't hesitate to email with your feelings nmext year and we will pass it directly onto Sport and Wellbeing management.

Many thanks,

Tom Provan
Vice President Sports Development

Friday 30th Jun 2017 12:52pm