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Advertise the sunday carvery (at all) when it's happening

Recently, I opened an idea to bring back the Sunday Carvery ( I was told that was no longer economical to staff and run, due to declining numbers, though it would occasonally still happen.

I was wondering if the declining numbers may be due to the lack of advertising the Carvery received? Today's Carvery (5-11-17) has received none .

The carvery has received no mention on: Twitter, SUSU's page, The Bridge's page, or the SUSU calendar ( It hasn't been on the SUSU calendar all of last year.

Would increasing the awareness of these events help boost their popularity?


Hi Callum,,

Thanks for drawing our attention to this. I've asked our Comms team to make sure that when the Carvery is happening that it is adequately advertised.


Dan Varley - Vice-President Engagement

Wednesday 15th Nov 2017 12:19pm